Kick Start



with Dori

Hi, I'm Dori

I’m a catalyst for change. By engaging in meaningful conversations, I can collaboratively create a vivid picture of your current position and where you aspire to go. I specialise in asking the right questions that propel you toward progress and, if needed, guide you (or your team) towards a fresh direction.

I’m committed to your process of transformation and expect you to be too.


Financial Services

18 Years Exco

Corporate Business Relocation - UK to SA

Staffing ,Corporate Culture, Brand

Love and Sales Refocus

Successful Small Business Owner & Founder


Sales, Staffing and Branding

Team Leadership

150 people

Advisory Services and Coaching

Small Business,Individuals and

Program Development


I apply myself to your process of transformation and see it right the way through.

I meet challenging circumstances head on.

I am honest, direct
and ignite thought – geared at purposeful shifts.

I understand what
it means to be human and my approach is fair and understanding.

I can relate and easily connect with anyone.

What others say

“Dori facilitated two strategy sessions for our business and I can honestly say that she is brilliant at what she does. These workshops led us to new insights and a completely different approach to our business and our customers. I can highly recommend Dori to anyone who needs someone with real business experience to help them in building a strategy.”

    Johan van der Walt, Corporate Real Estate Director:

    Africa, NAMET & RUB at Unilever Corporate

    Dori challenged my thinking and the way I view situations - helping put a new perspective on things and helping me get my brain "unstuck".

      Claire Woods, Experienced Senior Marketing Manager:

      Dori is able to analyse the current landscape that the business operates in, design a comprehensive strategy in response to any challenges faced, and execute the strategic plan, in the best interests of the business.

        Richard Andrews, CEO

        Sonu Group PTY Ltd

        Dori is insightful, professional and experienced. She has led sales teams, back office teams, risk teams and product development teams, and always delivers. She is entrepreneurial, energetic and has deep integrity. I would always value her insights in my working life.

          Nicci Giles, Organisation and Management